Mobile VSAT for Marine

Of all forms of communication, marine satellite communication is probably the most complex.

Our technological expertise in marine communications is what sets us apart from other satellite communication solution providers. The main difference is that our infrastructure and technology. In order for seamless and efficient communication, satellite data networks have to employ special techniques to deal with the increased distances the packets of data have to travel.

Although these packets travel at the speed of light (i.e.186000 miles per second), this still adds extra milliseconds of latency in the network. A unique feature of the VSAT Systems modem equipment is the dynamic transmit (Tx) power control technology. This feature automatically adjusts the transmitter power of the VSAT dish in response to a weather condition during saling area, and foot print of birds. Call us for best integrated projects,

FREE Gb's in VSAT internet tunnel coming with GOLD standart.  Our internet speed never goes down to CIR speeds.

Marine Hybrid Communication Systems

-Mobile VSAT systems
-4G LTE systems

Integrated with Local Hot Spot under controlling by Coslat traffic controller box.
Traffic controller box giving you manage band limitaions for all clients also able to manage restrictions for all users.

Coverage areas: Mediternean – Baltic – Red sea – Biscay – Manche – Black sea areas

Hot Spot & Traffic controller


You can ensure that your guests are registered over CISCO ISE Guest Portal. You can utilize various registeration properties such as SMS, Sponsor.

You can provide easy integration with different SMS providers and also register users with room number, Passport ID, etc. verification.
You can utilize below properties of ISE Guest Portal with Coslat Cisco ISE Integration.

Create more than one portal for different interfaces
Provide secure connection with HTTPs
Registration with SMS
Registration with English identification
Define local users
Register with dynamic or static sponsor (Adwords)
Specific database integrations (such as entrance systems)
Identify account life
Determine a password policy
LDAP integration and authorization with LDAP group
Request administrator’s approval with an e-mail
Inform administrators with an e-mail
Various registration options for various regions
Easy integration with SMS providers
Customize reception screens
Assign different administrators for different portals with regional administrators
Advanced reporting